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Preparing for Surgery

Before surgery, we strongly encourage our patients to attend our total joint school, which is designed for people who are scheduled to have a hip or knee replacement. If you are having spine surgery, a similar class is offered pertaining to spine surgeries.

About our classes

In these classes, you will receive information on your upcoming surgery so that you know what to expect through the whole process. You are encouraged to ask questions and to share information with family members and/or their caregivers. Ask your physician or his nurse to schedule your joint or spine school.


The guidelines below were established so that you will be ready for your surgery. Please feel free to ask the clinical staff any questions regarding the items below. Our goal is to provide you with the best clinical outcome possible by preparing your for your surgery. We want you on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.

  • A thorough medical history has been gathered, along with a list of medications and allergies to food or drugs. Please notify your surgeon if any changes occur to your health status or medications.
  • Stop all herbal products two weeks before your surgery.
  • Be sure to discuss any medications with your prescribing physician to determine how they should be handled during your surgical period.
  • We ask that you actively participate in an exercise program on a daily basis to better prepare you for your procedure and also help with your recovery and rehabilitation.
  • Do NOT eat or drink anything after midnight the day before your surgery.
  • The evening and the morning before your surgery, shower with anti-bacterial soap. Do not shave your legs or use spray lotion or powder on your legs.
  • You may be asked to follow precautions to insure proper functioning of your new joint.
  • We will ask each patient to select a coach. This may be a person who lives with you or someone you anticipate will visit you each day during your hospital stay.
  • Your coach will attend therapy with you in our gym and learn your exercises and precautions as you participate in our therapy program.
  • Please leave all of your jewelry and valuables at home and bring your photo identification with you as well as your insurance card.