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OSS Orthopaedic Hospital Physicians

OSS has board-certified, specially trained orthopaedic surgeons, pain management physicians and a podiatrist. All of the OSS orthopaedic surgeons provide care for general orthopaedic problems, but many of them have additional, specialized surgical training in specific areas of orthopaedics, referred to as "fellowship training". This type of training requires an orthopaedic surgeon to complete a year or more of surgical training in a specific area of the orthopaedics. Some of those areas include spine, joint replacement, shoulder or sports medicine. This gives the surgeon an area of specialty and expertise. Please click on the individual physicians to learn about their background and training, or search by speciality. Thank you or visiting OSS.

Physician Listing

Joseph E. Alhadeff, MD Wade J. Andrews, MD
Brian Bixler, MD Alan E. Cooper, MD
Todd A. Curran, DO Gracia Etienne, MD
Michael B. Furman, MS MD James Gilhool, DO
David Granger, DPM Dennis M. Grolman, MD
Brent Hines, DO Douglas Hofmann, MD
Paul S. Lin, MD Michael F. Mitrick, DO
Michael J. Moritz, MD K Nicholas Pandelidis, MD
Amit R. Patel, MD Lawrence S. Pollack, DO
Chad M. Rutter, DO Michael J. Sicuranza, MD
Suzette J. Song, MD Steven J. Triantafyllou, MD
William H. Ulmer Jr., DO Peter J. VanGiesen, MD