Centers of Excellence


At OSS, over 90% of our patients with back and neck pain are treated non-surgically.

However, when the non-surgical options are no longer helpful and surgery is the next consideration, the board-certified, specialized surgeons at the OSS Orthopaedic Hospital have the expertise and training to get you back on your feet.

Expertise and experience

Our surgeons are specially trained to treat the simplest back strain or sprain to the most complex and debilitating spine conditions.

The OSS spine team consists of five fellowship-trained spine surgeons and four pain management physicians. The team is dedicated to providing high quality care and will evaluate each patient to develop an appropriate treatment plan to treat their individual needs.

Some spine surgeries can be done on an outpatient basis, and some require an overnight stay. The OSS Orthopaedic Hospital can accommodate both. So if you are suffering from pain, numbness, or weakness coming from the neck down to the lower back, consult a spine physician at OSS and ask for the OSS Orthopaedic Hospital if surgery is indicated.

Through comprehensive evaluation and treatment, we educate our patients and empower them to use self-management skills to control and resolve symptoms as well as reduce the recurrence of future aggravations.

At OSS, our goal is to get you back to a healthy, active lifestyle.