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Joint Replacement

The knee and hip joints are the major weight-bearing joints in the human body. As we age, repeated stress on the joints can cause degenerative forms of arthritis which wear down the cartilage on the joint surfaces. Cartilage serves as a lubricating surface to help joints glide freely. When cartilage is worn away to the point that it no longer covers the ends of the bones, joints become painful because the ends of the bone rub together. When this condition becomes severe enough to limit your ability to do activities of daily living, or those activities that you enjoy, a total joint replacement may be necessary.  The surgery helps to relieve pain, restore range of motion and improve muscle strength and walking ability. The most commonly replaced joints include hips, knees, shoulders and finger joints.

Expertise and experience

The orthopaedic surgeons at OSS have been performing these surgeries for many years with great success. Some of our physicians have specialized, fellowship training in total joint replacement surgery.  This means that  those surgeons do an additional year of specialty training in a specific field of orthopaedic surgery.  In this case, the orthopaedic surgeon spends an extra year performing joint replacement surgeries to be an expert in performing hip and knee surgeries. 

Joint Commission Disease-Specific Care Certification   

The Joint Commission is the world leader in evaluating the quality and safety of care delivered in over 15,000 health care organizations across the United States.  This organization awarded the OSS Hospital with a Disease-Specific Care Certification for joint replacement surgery of the hip and knee.  Joint Commission standards are the most rigorous in the industry.  This indicates that OSS's joint replacement program complies with the most stringent standards of performance to ensure the best care and outcomes for patients needing a joint replacement. 

Patient and Family-Centered Care

The OSS Orthopaedic Hospital provides patient- and family-centered care.  We realize that families play a vital role in the health and well-being of family members.  We communicate and work together with families to keep them informed on the health of their family members and to treat individuals with dignity.  Our policies, programs and facility design are shaped to lead to better health outcomes and greater patient and family satisfaction.

Don’t let severe joint pain limit your activities. Ask an OSS physician if a joint replacement is the right treatment for you.  If you do pursue surgery, our team of physical therapists will design a complete post surgical rehabilitation program to return you to your optimal activity level.

Ask for the OSS Orthopaedic Hospital if you need a joint replacement.